How The Young Filmmakers Club® differs from other instructional programs on videography:

  • Addressing the learning level of children ages 8-14.
  • Hosted by accomplished young actor Logan O'Brien.
  • Complex concepts and film terms explained.
  • Techniques demonstrated for easy comprehension.
  • Instruction is step-by-step.
  • Series of camera angles and perspectives gives the viewer visual understanding of the described techniques
  • On screen effects provide additional visual information.
  • Addresses the video market as the format for this generation.
  • Series currently includes "Video Camera Techniques" and "Digital Video Editing"

Target Audience: Boys and Girls, ages 8-14, Parents and Relatives of Kids (ages 6-15)

Video Camera Techniques is for those who wish to learn videography but are unfamiliar with this emerging technology. The video is geared for accelerated boys and girls wanting to learn or expand their video camera skills. Adults too can increase their storytelling abilities by picking up some simple camera skills.

Digital Video Editing, a 26 minute color video, introduces the role that editing takes in filmmaking. The editing process is essential to learning what to think about before, during and after production. Logan talks about the editing process, the tools of editing and how editing can contribute to help tell the story. An emphasis is placed on editing in the visual storytelling process. Digital Video Editing breaks down the sequence of editing and will help both beginning and advanced filmmakers tell their story.

Furthermore, The Young Filmmakers Club® emphasizes an appreciation for technical expertise of media construction and media production by practicing and learning experientially.

Filmmakers' TOOLS

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