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Thomas C. Gertsch is the creator, writer and producer of the "The Young Filmmakers Club®" educational video series. This project came as a merger of a developing idea and the commitment of the talented and hardworking young actor, Logan O'Brien. Thomas also was producer for the TV pilot show “IN THE GAME”, an instructional sports series using professional athletes to teach kids sports specific techniques. In addition to his own projects, Thomas has worked on many independent and commercial programs, helping other emerging filmmakers realize their ideas on screen. His approach to this collaborative work is a hands-on style, willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Based in Los Angeles, California, he runs his production company Golden Zah Productions™, which distributes The Young Filmmakers Club® Series worldwide. Through his company, he creates visual media for both local and national clients. Furthermore, his assistance alongside the Hollywood Shorts monthly screening programs and the Slamdunk Film Festivals has been significant to these programs' successes.
In addition to filmmaking, Thomas has been involved as both a teacher and a student for sports and high adventure activities. Through the years, Thomas has coached and developed young athletes in soccer, gymnastics, hockey, rock climbing, surfing, surfboard shaping, and snowboarding. His experience as a private tutor for entertainment industry kids lead to a high value on creating a positive environment where kids learn, experiment and acquire skills in such non-traditional settings. In his instructor role, he has taught scholastic subjects in a variety of fields, including general science, physics, chemistry and technology-based media courses at Brentwood School, John Thomas Dye School, and Wildwood Secondary School. Please visit his web site at goldenzah.com for his latest projects.


Bry Thomas Sanders has worked in the entertainment industry for the past eight years as a Writer, Director and Director of Photography. Bry received his MFA from USC film school, has worked on over forty narrative films and also numerous commercials, documentaries and industrials. Several of his films have received critical acclaim in various film festivals and one earned a prestigious Academy Award (student classification) Bry's DP work on Adam Rubin's The Cricket Player received national recognition as Best Short at the 2002 SlamDunk Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Bry holds a BA from Ponoma College and is currently developing his upcoming feature.

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