• Coalition for Quality Children’s Media 2004 KIDS FIRST® Endorsement*

• Learning Magazine® Teachers’ Choice™ Award for the Family 2004*

• 2004 Aurora Awards Film and Video Festival GOLD AWARD*

* Awarded to: The Young Filmmakers Club: Video Camera Techniques.

School Library Journal DECEMBER 2002
Gr 4-8-Actor Logan O'Brien hosts an overview of the techniques and fundamentals of digital video camera operations and production. The complex process of video production is broken down into a series of easy-to-follow steps. Various video production skills, such as finding the right camera, acquiring great images, and using camera movement and placement to tell a story, are demonstrated in an informative and entertaining manner. Viewers can apply the tips and skills they learn from this video to making their own short home movies. Older viewers will also find the information helpful, especially the camera selection and operation segments. Production and sound quality are adequate and the use of the young actor host helps bring the subject matter into focus for the target viewers. - Denise A. Garofolo, Astor Learning Center, Rhinebeck, NY

Video Librarian JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2003
3 1/2 STARS (Out of 4)
Given the affordability and accessibility of digital video cameras and computer editing software, just about anyone can make a movie these days. Unfortunately, few are making quality films. Although aimed at a young audience, this excellent how-to video could benefit anyone operating a consumer video camera, especially those adults who inflict nausea-inducing over-zooming footage of their kid's school play on innocent viewers. Hosted by 10 year-old Logan O.Brien ("Lucas Jones" on General Hospital) his similarly aged friends, The Young Filmmakers Club opens with the basics of picking out a camera and accessories, before moving on to an exhaustive tutorial on basic camera operation, techniques and filmmaking principles. Featuring short segments, full of examples and illustrative graphics, this extremely practical program would be useful for both the target audience and older viewers. Highly recommended. Aud: I, J, P. (E.Giechen)

Published by The American Library Association.
Gr. 4-8. Preteen Logan O'Brien competently hosts this appealing program that explains how to operate and edit a digital video camera. The enthusiastic host discusses factors to consider when investing in a camera, video tripod and other essentials. Helpful captions ensure easy access to such topics as shutter speed, depth of field and white balancing. Logan’s video subjects are mostly male peers who he shoots outdoors and in their homes. The camera becomes part of the storytelling process with eye line, point-of-view shot subject status and camera movement covered. Although equipment price ranges are not included, this remains a helpful program for young filmmakers. – Nancy McCray

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