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updated 03.09.07 (production company for YFC) (great resourse for writing and film teachers. National cirriculum on media literacy. Target audience is middle school teachers.) (Creator of animated GZP logo found in GZP videos) (student portal)

Shorts (short 3D CGI animations) (Short Films) (Short Films) (Short Films) (Teen filmmaker's showcase and cable channel) (badger badger badger)

Equipment (UK based) (lots of beginning iMovie help here)
Resource site for everything to do with camcorders. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources - ALL FREE - in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

Software (Avid free DV editing sorfware here) (free scripting writing software)

Other Video Portals (Professional Video Editing Info) (Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group) (Actors' info) (regional postings of everything!)

Hollywood Industry (Industry portal)

SURFING (in H2O) (global surf forecasting, US live cams) (Los Angeles county free surf reports) (Los Angeles local surf info (pay)) (live cams) (world wild waves) (makers of composite, flexible, fast, custom surfboards) (california wave reports) (global surfing info) (French Surf Company (Francais)) (central Flordia surf info)

Other Stuff (just a purple screen)

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