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Shape and design your own surfboard workshop!

All necessary equipment provided. Shapers start with a foam "blank" that has been digitally designed and cut to within 1/4" of requested dimensions. After learning about how different shapes perform in waves, participants will sand down their board (deck and bottom) and shape the rails, tail and nose. (90% of the shaping has been done on these pre-shaped boards.) After the shaping,  each shaper can design the artwork for the board and paint it on. Boards will be glassed (in about 3 weeks time) and returned as ready to ride boards which includes fins and leash plug.

COSTS:  Board material fees (pre-shaped foam blank, instruction fee, fiberglassing and fins) range due to length of board and materials used.

If you have any questions about this one of a kind program, please contact for more information.

email:   info@ this domain

Read about which markers to use on your surfboard. Marker Test

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Jon sands the foam on his surfboard blank.

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Custom Surfboard Parties:
• Draw your own artwork on a customized surfboard made for you.
• Airbrush designs on foam.
• Sand and Shape a surfboard blank.
• Sand, Shape and Airbrush a surfboard blank.
• Have a surfboard custom shaped while you watch.
• Marble swirl pigments and resin coat your own board.

Parties must be booked at least 5 weeks in advanced. Presentation and activity takes between 2-4 hours. Free leash with booking. Email for more information.

Surfboards by Gertsch 001 n 002
The above are two prototype surfboards as proof of concept and workflow prototypes created for the Surfboard Artist's Workshop 11/2005.
7'2" Funboard Fish designed and shaped by Max S, (age 12) 2006, Above and at Right.
Jurri B. (age 12) and his 7'4" Funboard that he shaped and painted

The above and below pics are for construction purposes and understanding of steps in creating a surfboard from foam to glassed watercraft. This was my first time working with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) which was acquired from American Blanks, Ken Ebert. Shaped from rockered blank. PVC stringer (not wood). 6'4", finished length. (2/2006) .

Board epoxyed below (5/2006)

Advantages of Epoxy Resin over Polyester Boards
(Resin Research brand)

• no fumes or toxic vapors (do not use with Acetone)

• at 77 F plenty of working time before gel

• Stronger

• Lighter in weight

• Less yellowing over time

• Can spread thinner then Polyester while maintaining fiberglass and substrate cohesion.

• costs are minimally higher that Polyester borads may last longer)

Fin boxes added 7/2006.

5'5" FISH Clark Blank E glass with Polyester Resin.

Blue/White swirl on bottom, poster paint pens on top resin covered with protective clear coat.

Shaper: T. Gertsch
Glasser: JT Taylor
Artwork: T. Gertsch

7'0" Fun board Squash tail

•Polyurthane foam sealed with Epoxy resin using Vacuum bagging technique.

Thruster fin set up using O'Fish'l removable fin system.

6'2" Shortboard racer with squash tail

•Polyurthane foam sealed with Epoxy resin using Vacuum bagging technique.

Rail gutters to improve strength of board and aids in grip.

Thruster fin set up using O'Fish'l removable fin system.