USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

Video Spots

Click on any of the links below to watch footage from this active carrier. Most Videos are under 1 MB. Note: Some drop out does occur due to the INTENSE RADAR during shots from flight deck.

Air Traffic Control Tower Airplane Cabin E-2C Plane C.O. Mess Hall
Flight Deck Shots E-2C Trap (Landing) EA-6B Landing EA-6B Landing 2
F-14 Trap F-14 Trap 2 F-14 Deck Lock F-14 Launch
F-18 Trap F-18 Missed Trap F-18 Launch F-18 Launch 2
F-18 Towed Helo 'Copter Loads Helo 'Copter Lands Mechanics
Night Trap Night Trap 2 Planes Taxi Vinson Logo
Cable Hydraulics Radar System Flight Deck Controllers
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