Video Submissions to IN THE GAME(Hint: Print this page.)

If you would like to have yourself featured on IN THE GAME, please read and complete the following. We hope that soon, it will be possible for us to send out camera crews to get you in the action. Cuurently, we are only taking taped submissions. If you are looking for someone to tape you, GZP is unavailable but we would be happy to hear what it is that you do (or can do). If you are interested in funding this venture, please contact us at info{at}

Requirements for Review of Video(s):

  1. Formats accepted are: VHS,DV, DVCAM, DVD's. No Hi8's.
  2. Under 4 minutes running time.
  3. Please write out a detailed descpription of the skill.
  4. Please Forward the tape to where your segment begins.
  5. Please send copies of Submission waiver (see below) signed and dated by everyone who is shown on camera or assisted with the taping of the segment of video.
  6. Golden Zah reserves the right to decline video that is of poor quality, shows dangerous or illegal acts or oterwise does not meet the mission of GZP.
  7. Enclose a SASE (with the correct postage) to have tape returned.

Send all materials to: Golden Zah Productions, P.O. Box 642897, LA, CA 90064


An agreement is made this _____day of ____________,20__ that I,_________________, do hereby grant Thomas C. Gertsch and his assigns, licensees, and legal representives the irrevocable right to use my name (or any fictional name), picture, portrait, photograph, vocal recording or video footage extracted from the video tape which I, on my own behalf, have knowingly sent to him for his review. This release is given only for this work entitled: ________________________________________________and not for any past or future videos that I may send to Thomas C. Gertsch and his assigns, licensees, and legal representives. I am fully aware that portions or all of this tape could be edited, made into an electronic composite and posted on the website or related link.

I will not hold Thomas C. Gertsch and his assigns, licensees, and legal representives responsible for any illegal downloading, distortions or electronic manipulations of the electronic files that hold my image, likeness, voice, portrait or creative property. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished version(s). Every effort will be made to return said video copy, yet I realize that this may not be practical or plausible. I will make a copy knowing that I may not have my original returned. I have read this release and I am fully familiar with its contents.

__________________ Witness __________________________ Grantor

__________________ Address __________________________ Address

Parental Consent for Minor

I am the parent or guardian of the minor named above and have the legal authority to execute the above release. I approve the foregoing and consent to the same on behalf of said minor.

__________________ Witness __________________________ Parent or Guardian

__________________ Address __________________________ Address