Kids with Cams Video Workshops
Camcorder Tips and Techniques
Get those camcorder batteries charged, you're going to want to got and shot after this schooling lesson.

Here are some tips to start getting better pictures (and more applause from your audience).

  1. Go for smooth camera shots all the time. Use a tripod, a chair or if you must hold the camera, barce your arms into your sides to keep the shake out of the pic.
  2. White balance the camera's light sensor every time the lighting changes. (This should be explained in your owner's manual. It usually involves holding a button while the camera points at a white object like poster board, a t-shirt, a white wall, etc. The camera will calibrate to this "white" as the pure white during photography.)
  3. Keep fresh batteries. Drop out will occur on almost empty batteries.
  4. Protect your camera from salt spray, rain, quick temperature changes, extreme heat or cold (this affects tapes too), dirt and dust and small children
  5. Protect the lens by using a cheap clear filter to screw onto the front of the lens housing. If this scratches, throw it away and buy a new one (cheaper than buying a new camera).
  6. Use different lighting sources like colored light bulbs, flood lights, colored plastic sheets or bounce cards near light (be careful, this could burn) and flashlights. Remember to white balance each time lighting changes.
  7. Experiment getting dolly shots (shots where the camera moves across the set) while on inline skates or sitting on a skateboard. Have someone carefully push you at a steady rate.
  8. Use the camera's ability to play back the shot to review it whle still on location and everyone is around.
  9. If possible, get multiple "takes" or shots which will give you more options when you edit the tape together.

Now get a camera and start shootin'!