What is ZAH?

Za is surfer slang meaning "a fullness" or "the essence of wholeness". Aslo known as magic hour or golden hour the time of evening when the daylight turns a warm yellow for only a few minutes before dusk.

"How was your day, brah?"
"Dude, it was Zah! I surfed, I skated. I'm stoked"

When Za is received, it is shared and passed on to others by showing contentment. Like after a full day of surfing, the stoke of such a day can be passed to others by just a look. The "h" was added because when Za is received there is an "ah" feeling. ZA is also the abbrevation for South Africa. Zahzah means movement in Hebrew. Both of these meanings are not implied in this context but are circumstantial.

Golden is synonymous with "first rate" or "choice" as in "that is a golden opportunity". So Golden Zah is first rate fullness. Or choice contentment.

What is the icon?

The Golden Zah icon is a modernization of two petroglyphs.

Pre-Columbus Americans had etched, carved or painted drawings and writings on rocks. This 'rock art' called petroglyphs by archeology, are symbols that represent not just one word, but an idea. Symbols are complicated and convoluted descriptors. Try to explain something like a "high five". Does it have only one meaning? Are there multiple meanings? It means something positive, but the specifics are at the mercy of the interpreter and the comprehension of the receiver. This can be paraphrased in the axiom: If a picture says a thousand words, then a symbol says ten thousand.

Symbols have significant meaning by their originators but a more vague meaning by relay (messenger) users. Which meaning is being ascribed and by whom? To say what a symbol means is like trying to describe heaven to heathen. Heathen do not perceive the eternal or the non material (or if they do, they may refuse to admit it). Casting pearls among swine and all. While these rock symbols had original meanings, those meanings, may be lost or incorrectly interpreted.

The GZ icon is a human silhouette shape with arms outstretched upward and circles surrounded by dashes. The two petroglpyhs could look like an actor in front of a spot light. It could look like someone tanning in the sun. Or someone watching fireworks. Or it is the Rauch Kodesh (Holy Spirit) hovering over the divine water in Bereishis (Genesis) 1:3. Or you basking in God's glory. What exactly it means is what it means to you when you are golden and full of za.

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