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The Young Filmmakers Club® title: Digital Video Editing
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Video Workshops around the US.

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Actor Demo Reels by Golden Zah Prods.:

Joe Marino 10 min 152 MB


My Health Perspective

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What is Golden Zah?


Golden Zah Productions™ has been committed to delivering informative and educational programs with high production value to active thinkers of all ages. From sports focused programs including IN THE GAME to the hit series teaching motion picture production The Young Filmmakers Club®, Golden Zah stays true to its name, Golden Zah (a.k.a.: a golden experience). In addition to digital visual storytelling workshops, also known as Kids with Cams™ workshops, Golden Zah Productions conducts unique one of a kind workshops like Beginning Airbrushing and Surfboard Shaping and Design and Model Rocketry.

HIRE Golden Zah Productions, specializing in all production budgets seeking high cinematic value.

Golden Zah Productions new web site is http://www.goldenza.com

Please see recent production work via the link below "ON SET". Additional production videos available for public viewing at http://www.youtube.com/goldenzah.

Listed on ProductionHUB.com in Production Companies - Education in North Carolina

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The Young Filmmakers Club Link

Films and snapshots from Golden Zah Productions. Updated: 3/2015
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Feature Film Productions

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A short film by
Thomas Gertsch
written by
Brian Kure
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The Young Filmmakers Club®
Digital Video
Instruction Video Series
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Alan Jaeger Baseball
Joey Pearson
IN THE GAME™ Pilot TV series
teaching kids basic sport skills.
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Baseball and Yoga?
Alan Jaeger, pro baseball trainer.
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Joey Pearson
Joey at NoHo Arts Festival
age 11. (c.2002).
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Kids with Cams™
Video Production Help
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Shaping a blank
Tiger on tshirt
Kids make mini surfboards

Build your own Surfboard!
Surfboard Shaping
and Design workshops.
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Airbrushing Workshops
An airbrush sprays paint
but with the control of a felt tip marker.
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Manhattan Beach Arts Festival Photos
Mini Surfboards created
and designed by young shapers.
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Herman the Worm
Its not easy being a blue worm.

Clay animation
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USS Carl Vinson


Hire Us, We Can:
Develop your project
Shoot it
Post it
and Distribute it.

The Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson
Flight Deck footage and pictures.
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The Blue Arrow
Where does it point?

Just look in its direction.
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Golden Zah Productions
specializes in all production budgets seeking high cinematic value.

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